Greetings! The Janus Literary editorial team is delighted to announce that the following titles have made our anthology competition longlist. These stories automatically qualify for publication in our online anthology and are still in the running for the shortlist.

As we are continuing to read blind while we narrow our choices for the shortlist, it is vital that you please DO NOT reveal on social media or elsewhere which story on this list is yours. Doing so will result in your entry being disqualified.

Congratulations and good luck!

A Baby Born En Caul Can Never Drown
Account of the Sea Lady as Told by a Servant Girl, 1597
A Celestial Undoing
A Hole in the Wing
All the Broken Things
An Aversion to Popular Amusements
Flint’s Left-Behind Girl
It Had Been Calling to Her
Last Boat
The Last Prophet
Lyrics for a Life at Sea
Origami Wars
Put Weed in the Drawing Wave
Salt Tears
Sea Animals
The Sea Change (not to be confused with a similarly titled entry without ‘the’ in the title)
Sea Mother (not to be confused with a similarly titled entry that included more words in the title)
Seven Tears
Two Tusks
The Witch Who Walked the Shore