Assembly Instructions For a Love Triangle

Raima Larter

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                                                        LoveTriangle kit instructions! 

Materials included in your personalized LoveTriangle kit:
Item H: One (1) 58-year-old grocery clerk (female, Helen), inheritance recipient
Item A: One (1) 59-year-old geologist (male, Alan), recently widowed
Item B: One (1) former high school boyfriend (Bentley), rancher
Item F: Two (2) fault lines below inherited property

Assemble Parts:

  1. Place H on inherited piece of property.
  2. Transport A to library; post flyer for earthquake talk.
  3. Send email from B to H, inviting said item (H) to said talk.
  4. Place items H, A and B in library conference room.
  5. Initiate sparks between H and A.
  6. Initiate simmering rage in B.
  7. Wait one day, then transport A to property of H.


  1. Transport A to H’s front door; press finger of A to doorbell of H.
  2. Ask permission to drill on H’s back lot.
  3. Pitch tent; set up survey equipment.
  4. Discover two (2) item Fs beneath property.
  5. Place hand of A to forehead of same item to quell worry.
  6. Transport B to said back lot.


  1. Initiate argument between B and A.
  2. Connect clenched fist of B to chin of A.
  3. Affix bandana (not included) to bleeding chin of A.
  4. Bring H out her front door and across field.
  5. Initiate argument between H and B.
  6. Transport B away from property of H.


  1. Send invitation for dinner from A to H.
  2. Send email from B to H proposing marriage.
  3. File seismic danger report with geological headquarters.
  4. Transport item B to property of H.
  5. Produce ring (not included) from pocket of B.
  6. Insert finger of H into ring for no more than one second.
  7. Return ring to B with request for one (1) week to consider.

Allow Parts to Set:

  1. Attach seismic report to deed for property.
  2. Transport H to local church; initiate counseling with pastor.
  3. Send H on long walk beside river.
  4. Transport A to riverbank.

Attach Pieces and Finish:

  1. Glue attention of items A and H to seismic report, then one another.
  2. Connect A to heart of H.
  3. Produce second ring (not included), bringing A to kneel on one knee.
  4. Bring A and H together in tight embrace.
  5. Transport A and H to local courthouse, marriage license bureau.

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